Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sister Tenor (IW#86)

When I make a thing, I often find it helpful to make it again to work out the kinks.  As it turns out, I only was able to work out a few of the kinks, but repeating the process is always instructive. 

After making the first tenor guitar, I set out to make a sister instrument that used the same dimensions and forms and materials, but that tightened up some of the details.  I made the neck slimmer, enlarged the sound hole, deepened the sound box.  I also strung it with mediums, not lights, and it really has quite a presence.  This has become my go-to guitar, and it has seen a lot of use in the last few months.

The sides and back are chestnut, and I love the bookmatch on the back, I call it "Devil eyes."  A Cuban friend was in my shop not to long ago and he agreed "ojos del Diablo!"