Friday, July 22, 2011

Maxwell House Canjo (IW#008)

This is a nice little coffee can that was just screaming to be a two-string.  The neck is lumber salvaged from a bathroom vanity I took apart last fall.  You know, I never seem to be able to throw out a piece of wood.  Anything can become something, and I just squirrel them away.  Now that I am making instruments, even very small scraps become bridges and nuts.  

This one is for someone we know that just moved.  A little music seemed like a good way to make a house a home, and she spent some time with the Union Leader canjo one evening, so I have been wanting to make her one for herself.  That is why there is an H carved into the neck.

I tuned it BE, which seems easier to get my head around, somehow.  It is fun to play, I strung it up with a couple of extra banjo strings I had lying around so they slide really easily.  And I am getting better at figuring out how to set the action so that it is nicer to play.