Sunday, March 16, 2014

Plugging in

Well, well.  I see I have not posted here since last year!  Being that it is now March, that is a pretty major oversight.  It is not that I have not been making, rather that a couple of other projects have been keeping me occupied.  I have also been writing songs a bit more of late, and as I have been thinking about what to do with that my mind turned to recording.

Electronics are not really my thing, of course.  Nothing wrong with electronics (says the guy who is blogging on a lap top), I have just not ever really explored them.  But if I am going to record, I kind of want to see what the possibilities are for micing my vocals and getting an interesting sound.  In poking around, I found a couple of things like this and I was hooked.  It turns out to be pretty damn easy to do this, the big trick is just to use the speaker (in the ear piece not in the mouth piece) as the microphone itself.  There is a little resistor there that you apparently need to make this work right.

As I say, electronics are not really in my field of purview.  So below is my little can microphone, and it sounds pretty dirty, which feels just right.  I have another phone coming my way in a few days, and I think I might try just using the handset casing instead of the can, just to see how that works.

New horizons.  Fun stuff.