Monday, May 6, 2013

A Banjo for Bobby (IW#056)

A banjo player here locally by the name of Bobby is turning either 76 or 77.  It seems there is some confusion about which one, which I can understand, I suppose.  Either way, he is turning one of them soon and a family member of his approached me about making him on of my cake-tin tenor banjos, which you see above.

Not sure what that back pan is for, I found it at the flea market.  Looks good though, and holy jeebers is this thing loud.  Loud with lots of sustain, and I have the action set really low on it.  It sounds great.  Not sure if it is the Corian bridge (a trick I learned from Steve Wishnevsky) or the particular resonance of the aluminum cake tin that is the banjo head, but it really rings.  It is a lot of fun to play, and i hope Bobby (however old he is) has a hoot playing it for years to come.

Here is what it sounds like.  I painted on the lettering by hand, something I used to do a lot, though not so much any more.  It was fun to hold a liner again and do a little lettering.