Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Piano Octave Mandolin (IW#068)

One member of the family that I made these for is a mandolin player (a mandolinist?  A mandoliner?), so I made him an octave mandolin.  Damn, that's a lot of strings!  It came out sounding pretty good, though, like the baritone uke it is a pretty bright instrument.  That spruce from the sound board sure is loud and responsive.

I did what I call a "shooting star" sound hole design, a series of holes that to me look like a meteor shooting through the sky.  It is all on the bass side so the sound from the instrument is a little bassy, but that is okay by me.  Again, the finger board is a piece of the outside of the piano, which means that the fingerboard is mahogany.  Apologies in the video, I am manifestly NOT a mando player.  The new owner is, though, and he can tear this thing up:

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