Thursday, October 27, 2011

Plink Plank (IW #011)

I have had this piece of chestnut flooring kicking around the shop for a while now.  It was an off-cut from a project quite a while ago, and although it is not big enough to do much with I can not throw out chestnut when it comes my way, I love it so much.  This past weekend I had one of those moments of serendipity when I also found the lid of a can of Prince Albert tobacco that was also kicking around, and the two just seemed right for each other.  So here they are.  Strung and tuned like a uke, and as long as you don't mind that it is awkward to hold and has no sound quality whatsoever, it is ok.  At least it looks cool.  The thing is, if you are behind the thing, it is actually kind of loud.  The lid does a good job of resonating.  But all of the sound gets thrown into your body as you hold it so the person in front of you can't hear a damn thing.  Here is what it sounds like:

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