Piano Baritone Ukulele (IW#066)

The first instrument in the Piano Family is a baritone uke.  Having built several of these, it was nice to start with something that is relatively familiar.  The future owner of this one asked for the angel wing design as the sound hole, which came out much more delicate than I was hoping for.  Is a bit fragile, owing to the grain pattern on the spruce.  The offset sound hole meant that there could be minimal bracing, which really helps the sound.

It is a pretty bright-sounding little box, though, and the action is pretty good.  I think that all of these will mature into a slightly fuller sound than they have right now.  The tailpiece is a hinge from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and the bridge is solid surface countertop material.  The fingerboard is a piece of the veneer from the outside of the piano, so that it matches the outside of the box.

Here is what it sounds like:


  1. I like this one, being a baritone uke player, it has a rich sound. Unique sound hole design. Spruce has a beautiful grain. I had a custom ukulele made by Peter Hurley, a luthier in Berkeley, California, called Pohaku Ukuleles. I have been to his shop which has many specialty tools.

    http://pohakuukulele.com/ will show you some of his creations if you're interested. He has created several unique ukuleles. My spruce top was a "second" and it was absolutely beautiful -- but the spruce top had a repaired crack. Jeff


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