Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Piano Uke (IW#67)

The second instrument from this group is a soprano ukulele.  I was only able to use one of the legs from the piano in this grouping, and here it is.  I used the leg as the neck for the instrument, and although it is a little funky it is totally playable and actually sounds pretty sweet.  I don't tend to do a central round sound hole because I tend to make "stick through" design instruments.  So there are two sound holes on either side of that stick.  I kept them lower and closer to the bridge because of the way that you strum a uke, you tend to do it up close to the neck and I did not want the player to get their finger caught in the sound holes.

Like the baritone that is also part of this group, the tail piece is a hinge from the ReStore and the bridge is from a sink drop from a solid surface counter top.  Here is how this one sounds:

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