Monday, January 21, 2013

Octavo Mandolin, Sorta. (IW#53)

A friend who plays mandolin has been poking around looking for a four-string something to play as an alternate, so he dropped me a line to ask if I had any ideas about that.  The result is this little cross between a tenor banjo and an octave mandolin.  The scale is right for and octavo, but there are only four strings, instead of four courses of strings.  This particular box turned out to be one of the best-sounding ones I have found in a while.  It was gifted to me in a bag full of boxes from a neighbor, and is just really bright.

I took the f-holes from an old Gibson arch top, they seemed more appropriate for a mando, somehow, and I might use them again, I think they look pretty good.  Corian bridge, again, and of course the fork tailpiece that I like so much.

Here is a little video of me playing Memphis Minnie's "hoodoo Lady" on it.  I love that tune.  Also just got a new mic that hooks into my computer so the sound quality is a little better on this one.

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