Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Rehumanizer (IW#48)

A friend wanted me to make him an instrument that sounded "real dirty."  Well, no problem.  We are recording a version of the Police's not-so-much-of-a-hit "Re-Humanize Yourself" and he wanted something that sounded good and unclean.

This thing is a cross between a diddley bow and a lap steel.  I had been wanting to make another one of these ever since the Cacophatar, which was a great deal of fun to play and I have been missing, so I thought I would make another instrument similar to that.  This time it is three strings (tuned D A d) and has a resonator that is an old aluminum stock pot.  It sounds pretty great, and the work we have been doing on the recording has been fun.  I will post that as soon as we get it finalised.  In the mean time here is what it sounds like:

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