Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jewelry Box Tenor (IW#039)

Well, my first instrument back on the horse after the residency is this nice little tenor.  The body is a beech jewelry box from the flea market.  It has a lid that is 1/8" plywood, and is actually a nice little box.  It is a little twangy, but it sounds pretty good.

I tried a new thing for the head, which I like a lot.  It is a little fancy, maybe, but I wanted to try something different than just the rough end of the plank I use for a neck.  The tuners are out of the scavenge box.  Not sure where they come from, actually, but they are pretty old.  And the tailpiece is one of the Oneidaware fish forks that I got a handful of at the flea market.  I have been really pleased with the fork-as-tailpiece thing, it lends a nice quality to the tail end of the guitar.

Here's how it sounds:

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