Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting from Here to There

I have been getting a lot of mileage out of showing these instruments to folks.  I often fine that I need to take the same four or five instrument out at the same time.  I had been throwing them all in a bag and trying to be careful, but it turns out that is not a particularly safe way to transport them.  So I built a case, which has been more successful.  I originally bought a nice old suitcase at the flea market, but it proved too small for the tenor and the 10 Mile Banjo (which is soon to be seen at the Kennedy Center in Washington D. C.), so I set out to build a case.

A place for everything and everything in its place.
I broke out the gold leaf, something I had not done in a long time.

All of the lumber and hardware was stuff that I already had on hand.  The sides are the bottoms of some drawers that I repaired, the beadboard had been shelves in our basement when we moved in.  And it fits perfectly in the trunk of my car.

There is a can screwed in to the side to hold picks and slides and kazoos, and a spot that either accommodate the Miss Syracuse Uke or my cigar box full of harmonicas.  This show is ready to go on the road!

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