Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things are really getting weird

This is the staircase I am going to music-i-fy
I wrote already about the residency I am doing at 601 Tully.    I have moved in and started working, and it is a real blast.  I am going to music-i-fy a stairwell with found objects, and the start has been promising.

The general idea is that on April 5th there is going to be some kind of music event, and my hope is that we can get a bunch of folk into the stairwell to plink away at what I get on the walls and we can make some  semblance of music.  After this we'll all take found-object stuff and wail away for a while.  Mark your calendars, whatever happens it'll be odd.  

I was originally going to make five single string instruments and mount them on the wall, tuned maybe to an open chord so that they could be played simultaneously and fill the stairwell with sound, but the more I messed around in the stairwell the more I realised that just wouldn't be enough.  So I started to noodle about a little, and things just got strange.  Then this ended up on my bench:

I had been getting so very formal with the instruments I had been making that it was a great joy to just play and explore a little bit.  I learned a lot, and the whole time I was working I had a smile on my face.  What a great time.  When I finally got it strung up and strummed it I laughed out loud.

Here is what it ended up looking like and what is sounds like at the moment:

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