Thursday, March 29, 2012

Residency installation

Yesterday morning, a beautiful sunny morning and almost 60 degrees, we installed the pieces at 601 Tully.  It was pretty amazing to step back at the end and to see them all on the wall, to see all of this work finally in the home that I have been trying to get them to for the last month.

On April 5th at 7pm we will present the piece, played by myself and four friends.  Then I will play a few of my other instruments.  After that we will pass out five gallon buckets and bottle cap shakers to everyone and make a little noise, which should be fun.  After that SyraUke, the semi-monthly anti-virtuosic come-one-come-all ukulele jam session, will play a few songs, after which anyone who brings something to play is welcome to do so.  Should be a real hoot.

The pieces sound great in the stairwell.  I am really looking forward to hearing them all go at once.  In the mean time, here is a short video of the install:

Special thanks to Michelle and Katie for helping me get the pieces up and for taking the photos.

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