Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Final piece for residency

The last piece for my residency is done.  I have had this old guitar for quite a while.  I don't play it as it was never a particularly nice guitar to begin with, and it has been falling apart lately.  The top is deformed and is delaminating from the sides and the neck is like holding a baseball bat anyway.  As soon as I started thinking about this residency I knew the body of this guitar would be the centerpiece.

The thing about making a decision like that is that it tends to make the project heavier.  With more riding on this particular part of the installation, I have been avoiding working on it until the very end.  Now that we are down to the wire (the opening is next week) I knew the time had come.

As I wrote in the last post, I had an instrument in the bass register, one in the standard guitar register, and two that are higher yet, so this one I tuned as a baritone guitar (more or less).  It is pretty low, and should sit nicely between the bass and the guitar.

Here is what it sounds like:

I have had a lot of fun exploring possibilities with these five pieces.  It has been a nice break making things that are only barely playable and trying out some new things no matter how weird.  Being done, though, is also nice, and I am looking forward to making a regular old uke or two, and maybe a tenor guitar.

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  1. It was one of your prettiest guitars, and while how they sound is undoubtably more important, I'm not gonna lie, I'll miss seeing it in the house. But I'm also excited to see it installed in the space. And I love the sound, now.