Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Punch Tenor (IW#38)

Well, this is my favorite one yet.  You know how some times you make something and step back and think "well, that is pretty darn good?" This is one of those.  Also this is the first successful fret job I have done, which actually makes it easier to play.  This has become my go-to instrument, lately.  Fun to play, and it has a nice mellow sound.  Not very loud, but sitting in my chair in the living room and noodling around on this thing is a real pleasure.

It also has a couple of fun details, like the fork tailpiece, which I have done a couple of times and think looks really cool.  I strung it with banjo strings because they have a loop in the end which I can put on the fork tine.  Also nice is that the sound hole is cut where the logo was on the box top means that the word "Punch" is situated really nicely.  This is my first bolt-on neck, which I think I will eschew in the future, but other than that it is a really nice playable instrument.  And the frets, though fussy, have proven to not be insurmountable.  So maybe I will do some more of them.

Here is what she sounds like:

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