Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A guitar for Zep (IW#005)

We had the privilege of caring for a wee kitten this past weekend, an orphan that was left in a shoe box in front of a local vet.  He is just darling.  Any orphan is going to have the blues, for sure.  And anyone with the blues needs a way to express that.  But Zephyr J. Boynton is too small to play a big guitar, so I made him a small one ot take home with him.

Obviously a rubber band does not make much sound, but I have an old banjo string that I want to try out on an Altoid tin and see if I can make a weensie little canjo.  My toddler son also picked this up and loved playing with it, it is a good size for small hands, and less dangerous than the IW#002 Canjo, which he also likes to play with an awful lot.  That canjo has a pretty long chunk of broom handle on it though and he is not too good at sensing where the end of it is yet.  So an Altoid canjo might be a good fit for people his size.

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