Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have been thinking about a logo for a while now, I find that I give more credence to things that have a name, whether it is verbal or visual.  So I made the logo in the masthead, deliberately patterning it after the some of the logos used by the Industrial Workers of the World.  The idea of accessible instruments for all seems in keeping with some of the ideals of the IWW, as does the fact that the IWW was known as the "singing union," which might need some instruments.

I made a stamp of the logo, which I will put on all SCFOIW instruments, along with a stamp of the number chronologically of each instrument.  Which is a lesson in itself:  If you want an identity, if you want to mark your place in the world, all it takes is making the decision to do it, to name yourself, to carve for yourself your place in the wilderness.

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